Why Money-Wizards

The investment classic "Where are the customers' yachts" by Fred Schwed, Jr. was written in 1940 and gets its name from a hilarious story in which an out-of-town visitor is shown the wonders of New York financial district. At the Battery, one of his guides pointed to some beautiful ships and said, "Look, those are the bankers' and brokers' yachts." "Where are the customers' yachts?" asked the naive investor.

Seventy years later, not much has changed in the way the "Street" treats its clients. While the financial and investment landscape has become volatile, the instruments and products themselves have become complex with opaque pricing. In our opinion, the surest way to get your yacht is to take your own financial decisions. At the very least, it is important not to be a naive investor.

Our courses and programmes teach you to be on your own , investment wise and money wise. We teach you the basics, fundamental ideas, investment frameworks and also highlight several agency problems that are embedded in the financial advisory business. We hope that you continue on your own down the path and get better with every passing year.

"Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime". We teach you to learn on your own at your own pace , depending on your free time, interest level and aptitude.

Our Vision

Be the global leader in world class financial literacy and money education.

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