1. Why do I need money/finance education? I get CNBC and subscribe to financial newspapers. Why do I need Money-Wizards?

    While business channels, dailies and magazines are useful from an information perspective, their interests are not always aligned with that of their customers. Money- Wizards being an independent organization, the interests of its customers and participants come the FIRST and the FOREMOST.

    It is our strong belief that availability of information at very low or no cost and on line trading platforms have made the role of a conventional broker and financial advisor largely redundant. Therefore a knowledgeable investor can successfully invest without the help of a financial intermediary, and thereby save valuable money. Secondly, financial instruments/products have become more complex and their pricing are increasingly sophisticated, and not very transparent to the ordinary investor. Thirdly, relaxation in the regulations for investing in overseas markets, and exchanges for new asset classes like commodities and currencies mean that proper knowledge and education is essential if you want to capitalize on these opportunities. Thus, there is a need for ordinary investors to enhance their knowledge and skill in finance related topics, if they are to maximize their risk adjusted returns. Money-Wizards provides you comprehensive education to take advantage of these investment opportunities in a profitable manner.

  2. Do you offer investment tips in your courses?

    No. We are not financial advisors. We teach and equip you with knowledge, frameworks, processes, and methodologies that enable you to take your own decisions. We want you to "be your own money expert".

  3. Are you a broker?

    No, we are not a broker. We do not represent any financial institution or organization.

  4. How are you different from other financial advisors?

    We are not financial advisors. We do not make market calls, we don't offer tips and we don't give investment advice solicited or unsolicited. We are in the business of pure money/finance education.

  5. Are you endorsed by any of the leading financial brands?

    No. We are not. Any kind of endorsement by any financial services firm would necessarily mean that we return the favour- by pushing their products , regardless of their merit or suitability to the customers. We are not interested in touting products and services at the expense of our customers.

  6. Can we become "an expert" just by attending any of your courses?

    Our courses will set you on the right financial path. After that, it is simply a matter of being systematic and disciplined in your approach. Learning about money takes time and effort. With systematic practice and motivation, you can be your own expert over a period of time.

  7. Isn't finance complicated?

    Yes and no. There are abstract ideas and concepts in finance, but there is nothing that is beyond common sense and a desire to learn.

  8. Do we have to be proficient in maths to attend your course?

    No. However, familiarity with numbers at the level of basic arithmetic is essential. Please bring along a calculator to your class.

  9. Do you give a certificate for the participants?

    Yes. Successful participants would get a certificate upon completion.

Our Vision

Be the global leader in world class financial literacy and money education.

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