School Children

The Money-Wizards team believes that the best time to teach someone good money habits and basics of financial education is when they go to school. Simple enough, as we all know from our childhood experiences. A child who knows the value of a cycle tire and a cricket bat, makes a better buyer of houses and businesses much later. That doesn't require Wizardry to find out. It is called good education by one's mother.

Money-Wizards offer to do an Amma Act for your ward by conducting weekend workshops, holiday camps and after school programmes for school children. If he/she offers to do a cost-benefit analysis of your Nano investment, just do not blame us!.

Our classes are conducted in partnership with schools, independently organized camps and demand based classes in various neighbourhoods and large apartment communities. If you want a Money-Wizards camp/programme in your school or neighbourhood, please write to

Our Vision

Be the global leader in world class financial literacy and money education.

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