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Money-Wizards is a company focusing on providing user friendly financial literacy to all those who need it. We focus on imparting world class money and finance education to people of all age groups and profiles. All of us need it; not just corporate executives and high net worth individuals. School children, senior citizens, working women, adults who work from home, adults who stay at home- all of us need special financial know how that can help us use our resources better.

One of our general objectives is to help the participants in our programs to understand the concept of "risk" and "returns".

For example, there is a dire need for all of us, to become aware of fraudulent "get rich quick" schemes! These come serenading as investment opportunities that finally end up stealing our precious hard earned money.

Caveat Emptor, as they say. Buyer Beware.

That is exactly where we would offer our services, with our innovative and engaging courses.

We aim to clarify, simplify and demystify concepts related to money, investment, and finance. Topics covered are banking, savings, loans, insurance, taxation, investment in stock markets, elementary economics, bond markets, commodity markets, currency markets, and derivatives. We can also meet customized needs in advanced topics like investment in alternate asset categories like real estate, private equity, art and antiquities, etc.

Currently the programs are offered in two languages – English and Tamil. Additional language streams would be in soon.

The management team brings their solid professional background in cutting edge finance and academics to serve you. They have hopefully reflected it in their engaging and entertaining course material and pedagogy! (We will wait for your feedback on how cutting edge we actually are, when it comes to winning your trust! :).

School Children


We at Money-Wizards believe that the best time to teach someone good money habits and basics of money education is when they are at school going age. Money-Wizards conducts weekend, and holiday camps for school children.

College Students


The course for college students introduces them to the world of finance in many levels – from the basic to the advanced. We teach them basic economics, savings and loans, stock market investing, mutual funds, insurance etc.

Working Adults


This programme teaches them investing, insurance, home and vehicle loans, credit and debit cards, stock markets and mutual funds, foreign exchange markets, commodity markets, financial service providers like agents, etc.,

Our Vision

Be the global leader in world class financial literacy and money education.

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